Two-hour documentary on the haunted house from The Conjuring finds 'incredible occurrences' 2 years ago

Two-hour documentary on the haunted house from The Conjuring finds 'incredible occurrences'

Fans of the film will definitely be watching this.

All horror stories require a suspension of belief and while this particular author doesn't believe in ghosts or the supernatural, there are plenty of people that do - my colleague being one.


This being said, The Conjuring films do hold a particular interest because as movie fans will know, the series is based on the real life investigations of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

If you saw James Wan's first film in the saga, you'll know that the events that occurred in the supposedly haunted property in Rhode Island are extraordinary.

In terms of the haunted events that the Perron family claimed to have experienced in the house, their ordeal is extremely traumatic.

To begin with, they experienced items going missing, strange noises, small piles of dirt in the centre of a newly-cleaned kitchen floor, and ghosts appearing in the house.

After conducting some research, one of the family members, Carolyn Perron, discovered that eight generations of another family had lived in the house prior to the Perrons and that many of them had died under mysterious or horrible circumstances.

Several of the children had drowned in a nearby creek, one was murdered, and others hanged themselves in the attic.

What unfolded included reports of satanism, seances, demonic possession, levitating chairs, smells of rotting flesh wafting through the house, and family members speaking in tongues.


FYI, we're not talking about the movie here.

These are things that the Perron family have all claimed to have happened in real life.

In an interview with Cheat Sheet, Zak Bagans - one of the investigators on Ghost Adventures - has said that one of the Perron family daughters who appears in the movie will feature in the two-hour documentary.

In terms of the filmmaking process, Baggans said that his team are "halfway through this iconic investigation that most people have heard about from The Conjuring. Many new details uncovered, incredible occurrences have been documented and the best part has been working alongside actual persons involved from that 1973 case."

The Conjuring special of Ghost Adventures airs on Thursday, October 31 in the US and we fully expect the show to be repeated on Really (that's the name of the channel - Sky (Ireland): Channel 155, Virgin Media Ireland: Channel 165) shortly after.