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23rd Oct 2019

WATCH: New Tyson Fury segment is the WWE at its most ridiculous

Rudi Kinsella

tyson fury wwe


Tyson Fury is one of many athletes who has regularly been told that he would fit in perfectly in the WWE.

Confident, quite funny and a good talker, he had all the makings of a professional wrestling star.

Plus he’s 6 foot 9, which was always going to help…

And joining the list of Ronda Rousey, Shaq, Floyd Mayweather and inevitably Conor McGregor, Tyson Fury has actually given the world of professional wrestling a go.

Ahead of his scheduled match with Braun Stroman, which is due to take place in Saudi Arabia (a regular WWE location at this point), Fury was getting a bit of training in at the WWE Performance Centre.

In what actually looked like a genuine training video, Fury was practicing a couple of moves before BOOM! Smashed by Strowman.

What you’ll almost definitely notice about the video is that Strowman appears in the ring as if from out of nowhere, meaning you have to suspend even more belief than you normally do with the WWE here.

Take a look:

Clip via WWE


Fury’s attempt at selling his ankle injury probably won’t be winning any Oscars, but sure at least he’s giving it a go.

His match with Strowman will go down on 31 October, so long as that ankle heals alright…

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