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06th Jan 2015

Video: Taken gets the insightful ‘Honest Trailer’ treatment and it might be the funniest one yet

"No one in Europe is safe from Liam Neeson"

Paul Moore

“No one in Europe is safe from Liam Neeson”

This JOE was recently asked to describe the original Taken to a person that was completely oblivious to the smash-hit franchise.

Yes, we were shocked also that these people exist.

My answer was, “basically it’s a film where Liam Neeson’s daughter gets kidnapped while she’s visiting Europe so her dad, who was an ex-CIA agent, travels over to where he beats the living shite out of the bad guys that took her and anyone else who even looks at him funny…it’s great fun”.

While this aforementioned review isn’t exactly up to par with the best work of Barry Norman or Roger Ebert it’s pretty accurate.

Bryan Mills’ particular set of skills have proven to be a hit with audiences around the world, Taken 3 is set to be released in the next few weeks, but even Mills’ training couldn’t stop this honest trailer from being released.

We love the fact that they refer to Liam Neeson as the worlds most Irish sounding American.

Take a look.

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