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10th Feb 2017

WATCH: This mash-up of Beauty & The Beast with Harry Potter is truly disturbing

Rory Cashin

“No! Hermoine, what are you doing?!”

That was our initial reaction when we watched this truly upsetting mash-up of the upcoming live-action version of Beauty & The Beast with the Harry Potter series.

Trying to turn the purely evil He Who Shall Not Be Named into a romantic prospect for Hermoine Belle is fundamentally psychologically scarring for anyone who grew up watching Emma Watson attempt to survive Ralph Fiennes’ magical attacks.

Still though, the editing and visual trickery put into this is very impressive, but there’s no amount of special effects that can turn that nose-less villain into anything other than properly terrifying.

The Voldermort-less version of Beauty & The Beast arrives in Irish cinemas on 17 March.

Clip via Pistol Shrimps

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