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20th Oct 2015

5 songs from great rock bands that only the true fans adore

For the hardcore fans

Colm Boohig

The (sort of) hidden gems from the celebrated greats.

There is a reason that the great bands are labelled as such, because so many of their songs are instantly recognisable, even to the most casual of fan.

However, the best groups often create and release so many good tunes that certain numbers are bound to go somewhat under the radar.

Although fans of these groups will know all of these songs already, others may find a new hidden gem or two here to add to their collection, so tiz worth a read.

Oasis – Married With Children

Clip via Rémy Mansour

From their debut record, Definitely Maybe, comes a silent (metaphorically speaking) classic right at the end of the album.

Oasis’ breakthrough saw the release of super successful singles like Supersonic, Shakermaker and, of course, Live Forever.

But Married with Children slowed everything down nicely. The performance is as raw as the lyrical connotations, with a fresh-voiced Liam complimenting Noel’s simple acoustic rendition.

Put simply, it’s a nice comedown tune to listen to.

Blur – Out of Time

Like their Britpop-era besties, Blur released a lovely melody that skipped by quite a few people.

Even though this was the lead single from 2003’s Think Tank, the band’s seventh album, it is not a song that immediately springs to mind when one thinks of Blur.

There is an argument that it should be though because this is a song full of contemplation, regret, longing and yet, at the same time, sounds quite hopeful in the end.

Out of Time also possesses a thought-provoking video.

Clip via emimusic

Radiohead – Talk Show Host

Again, this is a tune that is well known by ardent fans of the band, but actually bypasses many who don’t follow Radiohead.

That’s because Talk Show Host was actually a B-side on the 1995 smash hit album, The Bends.

However, for anyone who has seen Romeo & Juliet, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, you’ll have noticed the tune played when yer’man is introduced.

Here’s a reminder anyway.

Clip via deadlyminx

U2 – Running to Stand Still

Clip via awesomenessk

U2 (and more so, Bono) seem to polarize opinion right down the line.

With that in mind, a lot of people will do anything they can to avoid the more avoidable U2 tracks, but they really should give this one a chance.

The fifth track from The Joshua Tree, Running to Stand Still describes a girl’s struggle, but ultimate determination, to change her life-reducing lifestyle around.

It’s also brilliant live.

Led Zeppelin – Travelling Riverside Blues

This is actually a cover of the blues song of the same name by American singer-songwriter Robert Johnson.

The superstar group re-recorded the blues classic on their UK summer tour of 1969, and gave it a very distinctive Led Zeppelin sound in the process.

For any fan of the band (I have it on good word that there are quite a few), this has Robert Plant and the boys written all over it as soon as the first note is played.

It’s hard not to turn this up to eleven when listening. Fans of the band will encourage you to do so and, d’you know what, they’d be right.

Clip via ZosoPage71

So, there you have it. Let us know if you would add any more hidden gems by getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter

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