WATCH: Bob Dylan and Neil Young perform together in Kilkenny 4 years ago

WATCH: Bob Dylan and Neil Young perform together in Kilkenny

The pair sang together for the first time in 25 years, right here in Ireland.

What a moment.


When Bob Dylan and Neil Young pitched up to London's Hyde Park on Friday (12 July) for their double bill spectacular, fans wondered if they might witness something truly special.

Separate sets, yes, but might they finally perform together again?

It certainly felt like something of a long shot, given that the pair hadn't linked up side by side simultaneously since New York's Roseland Ballroom all the way back in 1994, as Rolling Stone confirms.

And so it proved, and those gathered went home happy enough with still getting a hell of a show at this stage of two bona fide legends' careers.


Nowlan Park in Kilkenny two days later surely wouldn't play host to that ultra-rare honour, right?

Wrong. And so it came to pass that both men stood together to duet on, of all things, a classic Christian hymn.

'Will the Circle Be Unbroken?' has been belted out by the best of them over the years, and the men of the hour did the song proud on Sunday.

Check it out below. And if you were there, definitely one for the grandkids...


Clip via Malcolm Kelly