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01st Mar 2023

Dave Grohl turns up at homeless shelter with giant grill and feeds 450 people

Jack Peat

The Foo Fighters frontman spent 16 hours cooking up a storm.

Dave Grohl put on an almighty feast after turning up at a Los Angeles homeless shelter with a giant smoker. The rock legend spent 16 hours at the grill preparing ribs, pork, brisket, cabbage, coleslaw and beans for the city’s less well-off.

He brought the meat smoker himself along with overnight kit to The Hope Mission in LA, managing to squeeze in a few naps in between the monster cook-off. According to TMZ, he handled all the expenses himself and made sure the cuisine was all perfect for the homeless people.

A worker at The Hope Mission told The LA Times: “He turns up at 6pm, and this meat truck gets delivered. And it’s like an obscene amount of food. It’s unbelievable, the guy spent thousands of dollars. And he is in there by himself in our little food-prep area, trimming the fat off [the meat], making sure every single one’s perfect. He’s got all of his mates together. They’re backing in these giant smokers.

“There’s this megastar walking around hugging and just loving on people. Then he starts to light all the fires at about 11p.m., and this is when the massive storm hit. […] So he’s out there last Wednesday through to Thursday. So it’s pouring down, the area’s flooded. And he stayed out there from midnight until I think it was 6 a.m. when the meat stopped resting.”

Grohl managed to keep the fires burning overnight, checked the meats and walking around to meet people and encourage the workers. After the meat was smoked and the beans and coleslaw were prepped, Foo Fighters singer called his family and friends to join in serving the food. He then deep-cleaned the kitchen after all the food was gone and asked about returning to cook for everyone again!

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