Ed Sheeran fans go wild as he brings Eminem on stage for surprise performance 4 months ago

Ed Sheeran fans go wild as he brings Eminem on stage for surprise performance

“I appreciate you Detroit. I love you.”

This is the second time Ed Sheeran and Eminem have appeared on-stage together for a song, writes Joseph Loftus.


While Ed Sheeran may have initially exploded onto the music scene as a bit of a marmite jam in the world of familiar faces, his every move these days appears to solidify his position as a truly loveable gent.

Now, his latest act will surely go down in the aeons of Detroit history along with the motor industry and Tom Selleck’s moustache.

Gigging recently in old MoTown itself, Sheeran announced he was going to perform a rendition of Eminem’s iconic, “Lose Yourself”.

Toying with the crowd Sheeran said that himself and his band had practiced the song earlier in the day before laughing and saying: “Let’s see how this goes.”


Sheeran started playing. All appeared normal (kind of). But then, resurrecting onto the stage like a ludicrous second coming of Christ, a hooded figure emerged behind Sheeran and one by one every member of the crowd began realising just who the mysterious shrouded figure actually was: Eminem!

Video footage of the incredible duet was shared online by Sheeran himself where it subsequently went viral.


'I wonder if I could play you a cover of an Eminem song tonight?'

In the clip, Ed Sheeran can be seen teasing the crowd saying Eminem was going to come on and do one song.

“But I said, You can’t come on in Detroit and just do one song. Do you want another song?” And that’s when they went onto perform the 2000 hit “Stan”, with Sheeran filling in on the verses originally performed by Dido.

The shock performance comes just months after Sheeran and Eminem shared the stage at the rapper’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction back in November.


Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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