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12th Jun 2017

WATCH: Irish flight in Newcastle is delayed, passengers start massive trad session while waiting

Alan Loughnane


This is just brilliant to see…

Dee Cahill thought she had the worst luck on Sunday night, when her flight back from Newcastle to Ireland was delayed.

It resulted in her and many others sitting around the departure terminal waiting for their flight to be called.

The eternal boredom of waiting around in an airport…

But then, things took a turn for the better, as she and everyone else waiting were treated to some good tunes by a musical group called Daoirí Farrell who were also due to fly on the flight to Ireland.

They broke out the guitar, a lute (we think) and a bodhrán to treat the waiting terminal to a traditional Irish sing-song over in Newcastle.

The crowd got very involved as they played ‘I’ll Tell Me Ma’. You can even see passengers driving from other destinations arriving in the terminal and getting involved.

Speaking about the trad session, Dee told JOE: “The reaction by everyone in the lounge (predominantly Irish and all strangers) was incredibly uplifting. It truly showcased how much craic the Irish really are.”

They also performed Wild Rover, which went down a treat with listeners…

Cheers to Dee Cahill for sending this our way. 
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