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18th Aug 2020

Irish rapper Kojaque debuts new song ‘SHMELLY’ on Colors

Rudi Kinsella

kojaque dublin

Quite an achievement for the Dublin rapper.

Dublin rapper Kojaque has debuted a new song on the popular COLORS YouTube channel.

His live rendition of ‘SHMELLY’ was uploaded to the channel on Monday, with Kojaque saying it was something that he has wanted to do for three years.

COLORS is a YouTube channel that sees artists from all around the world perform renditions of their songs live, set in front of an aesthetically pleasing, and colourful (obviously) background.

Accompanied by Ryan Hargadon on the saxophone, the song is cleverly written, and has a catchy/trippy sound to it.

Take a look here:

Clip via COLORS

Kojaque isn’t the first Irish artist to appear on the Colors channel, with Dermot Kennedy and Hare Squead among the others. The channel is closing in on five million subscribers, and has featured some of the biggest artists in the world.

Appearing on the channel is yet another impressive achievement for the rapper, following the release of his Choice Music Prize-nominated project Deli Daydreams in 2018, as well as a number of major festival slots.

At just 25 years of age, we would be amazed if his career doesn’t continue going from strength to strength.

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