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18th May 2016

Nathan Carter has a kind gesture for super fan involved in Wagon Wheel row


Nathan Carter Cork

The country singer has weighed in on the wagon wheel row.

Nathan Carter has offered free tickets to one of his biggest fans who had his windows broken by a neighbour for playing ‘Wagon Wheel’ on repeat.

The neighbour claimed that the constant playing of the song was a form of “psychological torture.”

Stephen Leighton (53) from Coleraine in Derry pleaded guilty on Tuesday and told the court that he ‘snapped’ last January after telling the Carter fan “If I hear ‘Wagon Wheel’ one more time I’m going to break that stereo.”

Nathan Carter has now offered the victim tickets to his Belfast show in October.

Speaking on the Anton Savage show on Wednesday morning, Carter said that he would like to invite the person to see the show “after what they’ve been through.”

“Obviously it’s a serious matter but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the story,” he said.

“But the poor man had his property broken and obviously he’s a big fan so I said I must hunt him out and give him a few tickets so we’ve sorted him out and he’s going to come along to the show.

“To be fair, there are probably a lot of people who don’t like that song but I know there are a lot of people who do, I’m very lucky about that, but I’d say if you play any song on repeat 24 hours a day it would be annoying.”

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Nathan Carter