JOE's Song Of The Day #840 - Daithí 'Perfect Harmony' 8 months ago

JOE's Song Of The Day #840 - Daithí 'Perfect Harmony'

A beautiful meditation on love and loss.

Full disclosure; this writer does a weekly music podcast with Daithí, and it's really quite entertaining and you should check it out, if I do say so myself.

In any event, despite being totally impartial when it comes to this sort of thing, it is also my contention that Daithí is making the most accomplished, challenging and interesting music of his career right about now.

There's an album coming next month - it's called L.O.S.S. and it arrives on Friday 18 October - that boasts a host of collaborators, including the likes of Bell X1's Paul Noonan, Ailbhe Reddy and David Tapley of Tandem Felix.

Orla Gartland, currently on a hot streak of her own, is the latest guest to pitch up on the beautiful and affecting 'Perfect Harmony', which finds Gartland musing on the fear of losing her grandfather.

"The lyrics are some of my favourite I’ve ever had on my tracks," says Daithí.

"Especially the line, 'Thicker than water, you’ll leave all your sons and your daughters, but you’ll live in the stories you tell, and I’ll pass it down to everyone else'.

"'Perfect Harmony' was mainly recorded in rural France along with the rest of the album, and you can actually hear the bird song from outside my window at the start of the track."

Check it out below.

Clip via Daithí Music