This new Spotify quiz is the best time-waster we've found in ages 4 years ago

This new Spotify quiz is the best time-waster we've found in ages

The highest score in the JOE office so far is 12.

Listen, we all love a good way to waste time.


Maybe you are just looking for something to kill the time on the bus or train or ... plane home? (We're not here to judge your commute times.)

You could listen to some fantastic podcasts (like this one? Or this one??), or you could play one of the bazillion mobile games now available... OR!

We have discovered this brand new quiz that you can play on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, and it is literally the best time-waster we've come across in a quite a while.

It starts pretty fantastically, thanks to the name of the quiz: Top Of The Spots.


Big fan of that.

And essentially it boils down to you being shown the singer and song title of two particular tracks, and you have to decide which of the two songs have the most listens to them according to their Spotify clicks.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, yes, except that we kept find ourselves picking the songs we reckoned were better, rather than more popular, which resulted in us getting them wrong very often.

Like we said above, the JOE highest score so far is 12, so if you manage to get higher than that, screengrab it and send it on to us!


Check out the full quiz right here.