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27th Nov 2023

When does Spotify Wrapped 2023 come out?

Ryan Grace

Spotify wrapped

Users could be treated to their annual Wrapped slideshow as early as next week.

Christmas is fast approaching, and for music lovers that means Spotify Wrapped is only around the corner.

No doubt the popular music streaming service is adding the finishing touches to the 2023 edition of its now iconic feature.

But when can we expect them to give us the goods?

Spotify Wrapped under wraps as usual.

The Swedish streaming service has always kept its cards close to its chest when it comes to Spotify Wrapped.

The dates for the previous Spotify Wrapped release dates are:

  • 2017: December 6th
  • 2018: December 6th
  • 2019: December 5th
  • 2020: December 2nd
  • 2021: December 1st
  • 2022: November 30th

While we don’t have an exact date for the 2023 edition, recent years would suggest it’ll almost certainly be out next week.

Last year’s edition was the earliest Spotify have ever released it, and the first time ever it dropped in November.

The company revealed in the past that listening patterns and streaming habits are recorded between January and October each year.

It’s the month of November when all the data collected is sorted and prepped for us music fans.

What will Spotify Wrapped 2023 look like?

We may not know exactly when Spotify Wrapped will be released, but based on past editions we know what we are in for in terms of content.

It’s likely they will reveal your most played artist, your top five most played songs and genres, and how many minutes you listened over the past 10 months.

Users can likely expect Spotify Wrapped to be released on the mobile version of the app similar to last year.

So, keep an eye out from early next week for any notifications!

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