Contact lenses that have seen Taylor Swift’s latest tour put on sale for $10,000 3 weeks ago

Contact lenses that have seen Taylor Swift’s latest tour put on sale for $10,000

The item is listed as ‘used’ but in ‘excellent condition’

Contact lenses that have seen Taylor Swift’s Eras tour have been put on sale on Depop… for $10,000!


A fan of the popstar took to the marketplace after being blown away by her latest concert, which features performances of ‘Anti-Hero’, ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Cruel Summer’.

The tour is currently only scheduled to take place in the United States, with 52 dates confirmed.

Swift's set list for her 'Eras' tour is even more gruelling than the whistle-stop tour of America though, with a 44 song compilation to be performed over the course of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The fan, clearly enthused by the experience of seeing Swift live, has listed the lenses as ‘used’ but in an ‘excellent condition’, they come at a snip for any Swiftie who wants to swish their own eyes in the used lens of a lucky ticketholder.


For just $10,000 (€9,161.50) you can experience what it’s like to wear ocular prosthetic devices on the night of her show, which as anyone will tell. you, is not to be swiffed at.

Reacting to the listing on social media, one fan praised how unhinged Swifies can be, saying: “I love us so much”.


Others said they might even buy them if they had the money.

And one person added: “I respect the hustle.”

But several others commented that things have probably gone a bit too far, labelling the strange listing as ‘disgusting’, ‘weird’, and ’embarrassing’.

Different strokes and all that…


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