The Pope's reaction to Daniel O'Donnell's performance was absolutely brutal 4 years ago

The Pope's reaction to Daniel O'Donnell's performance was absolutely brutal

Poor wee Daniel.

In terms of the weekend's most pertinent moments, Daniel O'Donnell's performance at Croke Park really doesn't hold the same significance as the Pope asking for forgiveness for the clerical abuses that were carried out in Ireland, or his acceptance that the church "had not been helpful" regarding the Tuam mother-and-baby home.


Aside from this, thousands of people gathered for the Stand4Truth demonstration in Dublin and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar also called on Pope Francis to ensure "justice, truth and healing" for survivors of clerical abuse. Vincent Browne's critique of RTÉ's Papal Visit coverage as "propaganda for an institution that has been criminally complicit in the rape and buggery of children around the world" was also very telling.

Over the course of the weekend, there was a plethora of important stories that highlighted Ireland's troubled history with Catholicism but we also saw some lighter moments.

Mayo GAA fans will be wondering if the curse is now lifted and this lovely moment between Garda John Coen and a little boy called Joseph was fantastic to see.

On that note, Daniel O’Donnell being identified as an 'onlooker' by Sky News raised some eyebrows, but one little moment during his performance at the Papal Mass has caught the eye - actually, it seemed like it got some minor stink eye from His Holiness.


If you see wee Daniel, give him a hug.

Take a look.