The new song by The Strokes is a dreamlike wonder of a thing 1 year ago

The new song by The Strokes is a dreamlike wonder of a thing

The iconic New York band release their first album in seven years this April. First up, brand new single 'At The Door'...

Having delivered an incredible time machine of a performance at Electric Picnic 2019 - complete with frontman Julian Casablancas pissing people off The Strokes are very much back and in rude health.


On Monday night, the band performed at a rally for US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, during which they played a couple of new songs and officially confirmed that their new album would be dropping on Friday 10 April.

Tuesday brings the news that the album - their first since 2013's Comedown Machine - is named The New Abnormal and boasts the legendary Rick Rubin as its producer.

But you're here for the new song, right?

'At The Door' marks the first single, and it's quite beautiful and strange and dream-like. That's the official JOE verdict after five listens in a row on repeat, at least.

Clip via The Strokes

As for The New Abnormal, you can find the track-listing and artwork below.


1: 'The Adults Are Talking'
2: 'Selfless'
3: 'Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus'
4: 'Bad Decisions'
5: 'Eternal Summer'
6: 'At The Door'
7: 'Why Are Sundays So Depressing'
8: 'Not the Same Anymore'
9: 'Ode to the Mets'

And while you're here, you may as well read our midnight chat with Julian Casablancas from the last time he visited Dublin.

The Strokes play a special gig in Belfast's Waterfront Hall on Monday 24 February. Tickets are very much sold out.