Tickets for next year's Electric Picnic will go on sale very soon as the capacity increases 5 years ago

Tickets for next year's Electric Picnic will go on sale very soon as the capacity increases

If you missed out this year...

Despite the fact that The Prodigy are waiting to close Electric Picnic 2018 in style, the focus has already switched to next year's festival. At present, we're certain that most EP revellers are broke, wrecked and sleep deprived, but as always, the party continues.


Good news because the festival organisers have announced that next year's Electric Picnic will increase in capacity with 2,500 extra tickets being sold. Thankfully, there's no price increase too.

If you missed out on a ticket for this year’s festival then fear not because tickets for next year’s event will go on sale this coming Friday, 7 September at 9am.

With regards to the 2,500 increase in capacity, the festival will expand into brand new areas which have previously been unused in Stradbally.

Electric Picnic 2018 saw over 300 acts perform across a multitude of stages, with musical highlights over the course of the weekend including a special duet between Hozier and Mavis Staples on the Main Stage.


Aside from this, Sigrid's double bill stunned Stradbally while Dua Lipa drew a great crowd to the main stage.

Elsewhere, Dublin rap outfit Versatile gave one of the best performances of the weekend as they blew the roof off of the Electric Arena.

Speaking about these new plans, Melvin Benn, Festival Director, has said: “Electric Picnic is about being amazing and I want to continue to bring incredible culture and value to the Picnic which is why we’ve got Seamus Heaney poems going on in Mindfield, why we’ve got an Irish language day and an all-female comedy night in Hazel Wood and the incredible Kendrick Lamar in Stradbally. I’m overwhelmed about how good the picnic has been and incredibly enthused about the future. I am going to open up more space and incorporate another field into the arena; thankfully the estate has all the space that we need.”

If you missed out on this year's EP, you've no excuse for 2019!