After 20 years, Aer Lingus is introducing brand new uniforms for cabin crew staff 9 months ago

After 20 years, Aer Lingus is introducing brand new uniforms for cabin crew staff

Aer Lingus cabin crew will begin wearing the uniforms in spring of next year.

Aer Lingus has announced plans to redesign uniforms for frontline ground agents and cabin crew, replacing the longest-running Aer Lingus uniforms, which have been in use since 1998.

The newly designed uniforms will be revealed in spring of next year and the redesign will be led by renowned Irish designer Louise Kennedy, who was also behind the teal green uniform currently worn by Aer Lingus staff.

Aer Lingus carried out extensive feedback with staff across many departments within the airline to get their views on the current uniform and to discuss what the new uniform should address in terms of frontline ground agents and cabin crews’ needs in today’s working environment.

The key objective of the redesign, Aer Lingus says, is to create a contemporary uniform that will retain its modern look over time and will best meet the needs of today’s airline staff.

The scope of the project covers a complete redesign of all uniform pieces for frontline ground agents and cabin crew. It also will include selecting fabrics for each garment and working with the manufacturing partners to develop the final design and materials.

The new uniform will be the 11th used by the airline since 1945, when cabin crew wore a military-style rich brown suit designed by Sybil Connolly of Pimms in 1945, which was changed to green in 1948.

In the time since, leading Irish fashion names such as Irene Gilbert, Neillí Mulcahy, Digby Morton, Ib Jorgensen, Paul Costello and Louise Kennedy have lent their expertise to the uniform’s design.

Speaking at the announcement, Louise Kennedy said: “20 years after we first designed the current and longest-standing uniform, I am thrilled to continue the design story of the celebrated Aer Lingus uniform.

To be able to now design a brand new uniform for the airline is an opportunity we very much appreciate and relish. In fact, it is an absolute honour.”