Break out the big jumpers! Temperatures to plummet to -2 this weekend 2 years ago

Break out the big jumpers! Temperatures to plummet to -2 this weekend

Here it comes!

We've been talking about the impending bad weather for a while now, knowing that a "much colder arctic airmass" was making its way towards Ireland.


Now Met Éireann have given another update on what they expect the weekend to give us, weather-wise, and it is NOT GOOD:

"The cold and bright weather continues through the weekend with daytime temps of 7 to 9 degrees; the nights will be frosty with temperatures falling to between -2 to +2 degrees. The northerly winds will bring more showers on Saturday but Sunday will tend to be drier overall (except perhaps along Irish Sea coasts)."

If you're thinking it might pick up a little after a bad weekend, well... don't get your hopes up:

"The further outlook is for even colder weather with some spells of wet and windy weather in parts too."

They even seem to be on the more positive end of the predictions, as Midland Weather Channel are estimating the temperatures to get even lower than that over the weekend:

"Highest temperatures over the weekend will typically range between 4-7 degrees Celsius, with nighttime values reaching as low as -3 or -4 degrees Celsius in sheltered inland areas."

Either way, it is going to be cold.


Stay inside, stay warm, and make the most of your Netflix / Amazon / preferred streaming service subscription.

Or just play Red Dead Redemption 2 all weekend. That works too.