The David McWilliams podcast is coming live to Dublin this week 1 year ago

The David McWilliams podcast is coming live to Dublin this week

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Hear one of Ireland’s greatest economic minds up close and in person…


Ireland's leading economic commentator David McWilliams will be grabbing the mic and kicking off the Dublin leg of The Island’s Edge Podcast Tour in Dublin this week.

Following on from the success of the live Blindboy Podcast in Cork last month, the Dublin-leg of The Island’s Edge Podcast Tour will kick off on Wednesday, 1 June when McWilliams and his co-host John Davis will be taking the stage at Dublin's Lost Lane.

Anyone familiar with McWilliams's podcast will know he covers topics occupying everybody’s mind in Irish culture at the moment.

McWilliams's grounding as an economist allows him to traverse topics as broad as globalisation, housing and the climate crisis with a dizzying level of fluency, while Davis acts as the voice of the everyman, asking the questions listeners are thinking.


The pairing always make for interesting and informative listening regardless of the topic, delving into themes, patterns and precedents that go above the everyday tumble of the news agenda.

Attendees should expect a thought-provoking event, washed down with a pint of Island’s Edge on the night.

Speaking of the launch of the Island’s Edge Podcast Tour, Paula Conlon, Head of FABs & Stout in HEINEKEN Ireland commented:

"We know that 52% of young adults are tuning into podcasts on a monthly basis and that they are valuing new experiences now more than ever before. By combining both of these we hope to bring a unique series to Irish consumers.


"Partnering with the amazing talent of Blindboy and David McWilliams, The Island’s Edge Podcast Tour delivers captivating conversation, diverse topics and, of course, delicious pints in the unique pub setting."

Tickets to the upcoming events as part of The Island’s Edge Podcast Tour are available free of charge, operating on a first come, first served basis.

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Brought to you by Island's Edge