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Fota Wildlife Park reveals eight animal escapes since 2015
Smile and wave, boys.

Fota Wildlife Park has released details on its animal escapes since 2015.

Obtained by the Cork Evening Echo under the Freedom of Information Information Act, the report reveals that eight animals have escaped the park in the past two years.

In the last two years, monkeys have proved the craftiest customers when it has come to escaping the park. One macaque monkey by the name of Stevie Wonder has managed to break free from the park on three separate occasions. A different macaque monkey also left the park in May of 2016.

Perhaps more surprisingly (though not if you've seen Madagascar), the park has also had to deal with two escaped penguins over the last couple of years. In neither case were the Fota sure how the penguins actually managed to escape... Though we have some theories.

A female gibbon also escaped on November 10, 2015. Only one escape has been reported for 2017.

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