Ireland's oldest woman, Máirín Hughes, has died 2 months ago

Ireland's oldest woman, Máirín Hughes, has died

"An inspirational lady who taught us so much about life."

Ireland's oldest woman, Máirín Hughes, has passed away at the age of 109.


The news was confirmed by the nursing home that Máirín was residing at for the last number of years. She reportedly passed away peacefully surrounded by staff after a short illness.

Máirín was born in Belfast on May 22, 1914, just months before the start of the first World War, spending her early years in Dublin, before moving to Killarney.

She graduated from UCC in 1935 with a science degree and is the oldest known science graduate at the university.

She went on to become a chemist before moving to Dublin with her husband Frank, where she became a teacher.


Maírín was able to recall significant events in Irish history, such as the Spanish Flu in 1918, the Black and Tans patrolling Killarney in 1921, and the Free State soldiers arriving in 1922.

Ireland's oldest woman's advice for a long life

Speaking to the Irish Times in May, around her 109th birthday, Maírín said that her advice would be to “live life to the full” and “not to waste any time”.


Maryfield nursing home, where Maírín spent her final years, released a statement which read:

"All at Maryfield including management, staff, residents and religious sisters would like to take the opportunity to say that Maírín was an inspirational lady who taught us so much about life.

"She was full of knowledge and kindness. She cared deeply about nature, giving back to her local community and religion played a large part of her life. She lived all of her 109 years to the fullest and we will miss her every day."

Maírín is survived by her niece Nuala and nephew Michael.

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