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11th Aug 2023

Long overdue return of Irish summer gets promising Met Éireann update

Stephen Porzio

irish summer weather

For those who thought the time for a dry and hot Irish summer had passed, do not give up hope.

Ireland’s current stretch of rainy weather could be coming to an end, according to Met Éireann’s national forecast.

The Irish meteorological service has said that its current indications suggest that a “drier interlude” with “higher temperatures” could be in store for the country from next Wednesday onwards.

Before then, Friday (11 August) will see sunny spells, though showers in the west and south will extend eastwards during the morning before becoming more widespread in the afternoon.

Some of these showers will be heavy as highest temperatures range from 17 to 22 degrees, with conditions warmest in the east and north.

Early Friday night then will see persistent rain develop in the west and spread eastwards, becoming heavy at times with spot flooding possible. It will become lighter and more showery towards Saturday morning, however.

Saturday will also see a mix of sunshine and showers, with some of the latter heavy and spot flooding possible. This is as highest temperatures will be between 17 to 21 degrees.

These showers or longer spells of rain will continue over Saturday night with further localised flooding a possibility.

irish summer weather update

Crowds of people enjoying the beach and hot weather at Seapoint Dublin this summer

As for Sunday, sunny spells and showers are forecasted again, with the showers to be frequent in the north and west in highest temperatures of 18 to 21 degrees. The rain will subsequently become more isolated in the evening.

Kicking off next week will be a dry start on Monday, followed by further sunny spells and scattered showers in the afternoon, some of which will be heavy. Highest temperatures of 18 to 21 degrees are expected.

Tuesday will also be dry in the morning with showers in the afternoon, with the latter conditions to become isolated again in the evening. This is as highest temperatures range from 18 to 19 degrees.

Met Éireann’s forecast for after this period reads: “Current indications suggest something of a drier interlude for a couple of days with higher temperatures leading in to the weekend.”

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