"I am not a cat" - Texas lawyer turns on kitten filter during court Zoom, and can't switch it off 2 years ago

"I am not a cat" - Texas lawyer turns on kitten filter during court Zoom, and can't switch it off

One of the best videos of the year so far.

Covid-19 has changed the world in a variety of ways, but one of the most drastic amendments has been the shift to video calls for many workers.


Whether it's your boss joining a Zoom meeting on mute, internet drops, or trying to teach your parents that you need to see more of their face than just their hairline, some have found it more difficult than others.

Step forward this lawyer from Texas who simply had an "appawlling" day at the office (sorry).

Rod Ponton accidentally switched on a kitten filter on during the call with Judge Roy Ferguson and was unable to turn it off again.

For circa 30 very funny seconds, Ponton struggled to remove the filter.


With other lawyers seeing the funny side of the incident, Judge Ferguson tried to walk Ponton through keystrokes.

Ponton confirmed that he was willing and able to proceed, even in his feline form.


“Can you hear me, judge?”, the cat/Ponton asked.

Judge Ferguson responded: “I can hear you. I think it’s a filter…”

“It is,” cat/Ponton said. “And I don’t know how to remove it. I’ve got my assistant here, she’s trying to, but I’m prepared to go forward with it… I’m here live. I’m not a cat.”

Judge Ferguson, with remarkable composure, said: “I can see that.”


After the hearing,  Judge Ferguson sought to use it as a learning experience for the unconventional work settings caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“If a child used your computer, before you join a virtual hearing check the ‘Zoom video options’ to be sure filters are off,” Judge Ferguson tweeted.

He added: “These fun moments are a byproduct of the legal profession’s dedication to ensuring that the justice system continues to function in these tough times. Everyone involved handled it with dignity, and the filtered lawyer showed incredible grace. True professionalism all around!”