Peter Casey posts and quickly deletes video criticising President Higgins and his dogs 2 years ago

Peter Casey posts and quickly deletes video criticising President Higgins and his dogs

The video was posted twice and then quickly deleted.

After taking a day off from campaigning, Peter Casey has decided that he's still running for President.


On Friday, Casey had said he was "taking the weekend off to think carefully about whether to continue in the race" after his recent remarks about the Travelling community were roundly criticised by his fellow candidates.

On Sunday afternoon, Casey confirmed that he would return to campaigning.

Aside from his very public dispute with Leo Varadkar, Casey has also frequently targeted President Higgins during the televised debates and on the campaign trail.

During the debates, President Higgins provided a rebuttal for Casey's remarks and here's an example of the questions/allegations that the Dragons' Den entrepreneur has directed towards the President.


Casey continued his attacks on President Higgins after publishing a clip to his official Twitter account which questioned why President Higgins decided to own Bernese Mountain dogs and not an Irish Wolfhound, Irish Setter, Irish Water Spaniel or Kerry Beagle.

This clip was posted twice and deleted twice.

As you can see in the following clip, Casey suggests that the ownership of these dogs promotes largesse on Higgins' part, because he can spend €10,000 a year getting them groomed and charging it to the taxpayer.

"The dogs aren't the only ones getting fleeced," can be heard as the video ends.


There's no evidence - for or against - that this figure is accurate.

Despite the fact that the clip was quickly deleted, plenty of people still managed to view/download it.



In a previous interview with Sean O'Rourke on RTÉ Radio, President Higgins was asked about the perceived 'secrecy' and reluctance of his office to disclose his expenditures.

"I'm thinking of proposing/appointing an independent audit committee that will look at what that €317,000 is being used for. And will do a continuous audit, three or four times a year," he said.

President Higgins also said that he supports more transparency around the activities and spending of the office of the President. He added that it would be a very good idea to bring out an annual report on all the engagements, visits and spending in the office.

He also acknowledged the fact that the auditing committee that are supposed to be currently auditing accounts in the Áras haven't met for four years.

With regards to the idea of expanding the Freedom of Information act to incorporate the Office of the President, Higgins said: "This is the point, that would have been to abuse the constitutional position of the President. What I did say, and it remains my position, is that if legislation comes before me that can fit under Article 13.8 - I am happy to sign it. What I will not do is facilitate a fudge in which the independence of the President - whoever they may be - is in a lesser position than when I leave, than when I was there."

Casey is currently polling in last place as election day looms, while President Higgins maintains a very commanding lead over his five rivals.

The election to vote for the next president takes place on Friday.