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02nd Sep 2015

PIC: The final 4 choices for the new New Zealand flag are a bit wacky

Richie McCaw and pals may have a fresh national crest to sport

Colm Boohig

Richie McCaw and pals may have a fresh national crest to sport.

You might have already heard, but the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has fancied an ‘aul shake-up of the national flag for some time now.

Well, he got his wish, and the last few months over 10,000 designs have been submitted by the public. The final four have now been narrowed down for the world to see.


The idea behind the proposed change is to move away from the current, Union Jack-influenced design. Although many Kiwis are in favour of a new look, there has been a mixed online reaction to the chosen finalists.

What’s next? Well, there will be a referendum later this year to pick the most popular out of the candidates. The winner will then be put to a vote against the current flag next March to determine New Zealand’s new flag.

As long as they don’t ever change the Haka, we’ll be happy.

Hat-tip to The Washington Post and The Guardian.

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