SAS flight accidentally lands in wrong city in Italy 4 years ago

SAS flight accidentally lands in wrong city in Italy

"Safety is always our first priority."

A passenger flight from Copenhagen to Florence accidentally landed 65 miles away in Bologna, just a month after a British Airways flight from Germany flew to Edinburgh rather than Düsseldorf.


The Independent reports that the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) jet set off from the Danish capital, but after discovering they did not have the correct flight route information for Florence, the pilots were forced to find another airport to land at.

A spokesperson for Scandinavian Airlines told The Independent: "Safety is always our first priority.

"During preparations by the gate it was discovered that the flight route information was missing. The decision to fly to a close by destination, Bologna, was made instead of cancelling the flight.

"This in order to get the passengers to their destination as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience to our passengers who are being taken care of and will be transported to Florence by bus from Bologna."


In March, a paperwork error resulted in a flight that was supposed to be bound for Düsseldorf accidentally landing in Edinburgh, after setting off from London City airport.

Passengers originally believed that the "Welcome to Edinburgh" announcement on the PA system was a joke.

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