Vogue Williams reveals on the Late Late that her children have different religions 2 months ago

Vogue Williams reveals on the Late Late that her children have different religions

She made the comments during a discussion about identity on Patrick Kielty's second episode hosting the show.

Vogue Williams has revealed that two of her children are Protestant and one is Catholic.


The mother-of-three opened up about her family during her appearance on Patrick Kielty's second episode as host of The Late Late Show on Friday (23 September).

Williams appeared on the programme alongside radio personality Baz Ashmawy, middle-distance runner Ciara Mageean and actor James Nesbitt.

The three guests and Kielty began discussing the notion of identity after the host asked Mageean about representing both Ireland and Northern Ireland.


She explained: “For me, the decision between running for GB and Ireland - being from Northern Ireland, we have that option - it was hands down always going to be Ireland for me.

“The dream of running with the Irish vest on my back, seeing the Tricolour rise and Amhran na bhFiann ring around a stadium is everything that I dream of.

“But I’m also extremely proud to go out and represent Northern Ireland in the Commonwealths. It’s where I’m born and we're a special bunch of people up there and a very special identity.

“I think it’s a nation that’s been through an awful lot but, honestly, [we are] the best people in the world. If you’re looking [for] a good night out, no better place than Belfast.”


Kielty than brought up how Nesbitt holds both an Irish and a British passport.

In response, the actor said he was "just delighted" that people are "owning their own identity and not fighting each other, killing each other over it," adding:

"I would consider myself a Protestant Irishman from the north of Ireland who doesn't refute nor shy away from my Protestant culture. But it doesn't define me, nor do I deny my Catholic friends their culture.

"But honestly I do think, as great as it is that we can have our identity and a sense of it, I think for way too long where we come from, people focused on the differences that kept us apart, rather than explore the common ground and the views and the issues and the problems that we share.

"I just think now there is possibly an appetite to really celebrate the different identities here on the island."


Vogue Williams reveals that her children have different religions

It was then Vogue Williams made the reveal about her children, explaining: "Two of my kids are Protestant and one's Catholic, which I actually didn’t know.

"My mother-in-law, she organised the first two christenings and I organised the last one, so we’ve got a very mixed household.

"I only found out when we were in the church for the last one and the priest held the baby up [and went]: ‘Welcome to the Catholic church’.

"And Spenny was like ‘What?’"

Vogue shares three children with former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.

The couple welcomed their son Theodore in 2018. They then welcomed a daughter named Gigi in 2020.


Their youngest child, a son named Otto, was born in 2022.

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