Danny Healy Rae reckons people who don't eat meat "have never worked hard" 3 years ago

Danny Healy Rae reckons people who don't eat meat "have never worked hard"

An interesting take from the Kerryman.

Just one day ago, we mocked the world of American politics when the news broke that ex-White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci joined the American edition of Celebrity Big Brother.


And as bizarre as that is, we're kind of wishing we kept our mouths shut now.

That's because Danny Healy-Rae, one of Ireland's most high profile politicians, has just had quite a bizarre take on vegans and vegetarians.

In a piece of audio that can be heard on 98FM here, the Kerryman had a bit of a hot take with regards to our veggie-friendly pals.

He said: "Them fellas who are talking about eating meat have never worked hard because if you're a hard worker and do a hard days work, there's nothing to bring you back like a piece of good meat, whether it is bacon and cabbage or whether it is beef or mutton stew."


At this point someone shouted from behind: "Bitta steak every now and then Danny".

Like we said - bizarre.

He finished this rant by saying: "If you don't have that you won't rise out the following day".

So by the sounds of it, Mr Healy-Rae is quite a big fan of a steak or two. Good to know. We'd like to see him explain his theory in more detail to some famous vegans like Nate Diaz or David Haye though.