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01st Mar 2019

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel blasts Donald Trump over his negotiations with North Korea

Rudi Kinsella

Jimmy Kimmel Trump

“He flew over there and got nothing, like the Fyre Festival.”

Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met in Hanoi, Vietnam this week in a bid to reach a deal over denuclearisation.

The talks broke down, and naturally, people are giving Trump quite a bit of stick over it.

Jimmy Kimmel had a six-minute monologue on Thursday night in which he had a go at Trump over he and the North Korean leader’s relationship.

Throughout the segment, the late night TV presenter compared Trump’s negotiations to Fyre Festival, and also spoke about how funny he found it that when speaking about Jong-un, Trump said: “What a guy”.

Our favourite dig that he took at Trump came in response to the allegations that Trump faked a medical injury so that he would avoid fighting in Vietnam saying:

“You know, there was a time when Donald Trump wasn’t even able to walk in Vietnam because of his terrible bone spurs. But thank God those healed up.”

Have a look:

Clip via Jimmy Kimmel Live 

However, Trump doesn’t necessarily agree with Kimmel’s take.

He has insisted that his relationship with Kim Jong-un remains positive despite those nuclear talks between the two reaching a stalemate.

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