Redheads, llamas, and salt - just some of the 157 new emojis to be released in 2018 3 years ago

Redheads, llamas, and salt - just some of the 157 new emojis to be released in 2018

Some of the new additions are ... interesting.

The folks at Unicode Consortium, which, to be fair, sounds like the kind of evil conglomerate that Tom Cruise has to fight in a Mission: Impossible movie, released the details on the 157 new emojis that will be released in 2018.


This brings the total number of emojis up to 2,823.

That is... a lot of emojis. We imagine there will soon be an emoji which will convey the emotion of there being too many emojis.

Anyways, some of the highlights include "Party Face", "Woozy Face" and "Pleading Face"... as well as the new additions of redheads, curly hair, white-hair, bald, superheroes, super-villains... all available in male and female, and the full spectrum of skin colour, as well as classic Simpsons yellow.

Disembodied legs, feet, teeth and bone will also be available. Was the population crying out for disembodied bone?

The rest of the list includes the following:

Goggles, Lab Coat, Hiking Boot, Woman’s Flat Shoe, Raccoon, Llama, Hippopotamus, Kangaroo, Badger, Swan, Peacock, Parrot, Lobster, Mosquito, Microbe, Mango, Leafy Green, Bagel, Salt, Moon Cake, Cupcake, Compass, Bricks, Skateboard, Luggage, Firecracker, Red Gift Envelope, Softball, Flying Disc, Lacrosse, Nazar Amulet, Jigsaw, Teddy Bear, Chess Pawn, Abacus, Receipt, Toolbox, Magnet, Test Tube, Petri Dish, DNA, Fire Extinguisher, Lotion Bottle, Thread, Yarn, Safety Pin, Broom, Basket, Roll of Paper, Soap, Sponge, Infinity, Pirate Flag.

We're so happy they're adding Lotion Bottle and Basket, so all we need is hose and then we can emoji our favourite line of dialogue from Silence Of The Lambs.


Emojipedia created previews of what they imagine some of the new additions might look like:

Clip via Emojipedia