The battery life on the new Nokia 3310 is monstrous 4 years ago

The battery life on the new Nokia 3310 is monstrous

Nokia has taken nostalgia to whole new levels by actually announcing their plans to produce and sell an updated version of their famously indestructible phone the 3310.

This time around, the Finnish phone won't just be physically unbreakable — it will also be indefatigable, with a standby battery life a whole month.


Weak batteries are pretty much an unavoidable reality of smartphones, so it's like that the huge lasting power of the new 3310 will win it a lot of favour with smartphone users in need of a back-up.

It's battery life when in constant use is 22 hours, and as anyone with a smartphone knows, that's still a damn sight better than what's on offer right now.

Compared to the original model, the screen will also be bigger and, crucially, the price lower. The phone is expected to sell for €49, according to the Irish Times.

Most important of all, the new/old phone WILL have Snake, which is what we're all really clamouring for.

There is no specific release date set for the phone just yet, but Wired has reported that it will drop in the second quarter of 2017.