Michael Fassbender is favourite for an Oscar after screening of Steve Jobs movie 7 years ago

Michael Fassbender is favourite for an Oscar after screening of Steve Jobs movie

Michael Fassbender's portrayal of Steve Jobs has been commended by a number of critics.

Next year's best actor Oscar has already been provisionally handed to Michael Fassbender in reviews that rate his performance and depiction of Steve Jobs to be nothing short of epic.


The movie biopic was reviewed at a US screening at the Telluride Festival by a number of high profile news and magazine outlets which all rated Fassbender's performance as one of the finest they had ever seen.

"He completely owns the screen," said Variety, despite his character being "very unlikeable throughout" the film.

"You get the strong sense from Fassbender of a mind that is always several steps beyond everyone else's," commented The Hollywood Reporter.

The screening was shown as a work in progress with the finished version being shown at the New York Film Festival on October 3 as well as closing the London Film Festival on October 18.


Directed by British director Danny Boyle and co-starring Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels, this portrayl of the Apple founder is a very high profile affair.

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The film covers a period of 14 years between 1984 and 1998 and uses the story of three seminal product launches - the Apple Macintosh, the NeXT "Cube" and the iMac - to tell the story of the volatile character who founded, and then was forced out of, Apple before returning to rescue the company from bankruptcy.

Other stars in the running for the Oscar are Johnny Depp for his portrayl of  Whitey Bulger in Black Mass. Depp has received high praise for his work and it will be a otugh competition to see who comes out in the top spot in the Award season.


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