We now know which emoji is used in texts more than any other 3 years ago

We now know which emoji is used in texts more than any other

We all love a good emoji, don't we?

Within the right settings, a well-timed, well-used emoji can be a perfect comedic response in any conversation.


Did you know that there is World Emoji Day? Or that in 2015, the Oxford English Dictionary titled a specific emoji the first to hold the position of “word of the year"? We kid you not.

While we all believe that the word arrived as some kind of play on "emotions" or "emoticons", it actually derives from from Japanese language combination of e (絵, "picture") and moji (文字, "character").

Which makes sense, because not every one of the emojis is an emotion, some of them are that flamenco dancing lady who just loves having a good time.

But which one would you say people use the most?

The winky face one, which causes endless conversations as to whether the person who sent it is being playful or are they flirting?

The cat-holding-its-own-face-in-shock one, because the only way to get across just how shocked you are is to do it as a feline?

Nope, it's this one:



Yep, the laughing-so-hard-you-start-crying emoji was named by Apple as the most popularly used one (within their testing perimeters of being English-speaking iOS and Mac users in the United States).

Here is the full Top Ten, and you'll see that Tears Of Joy Face is by far the most used one:


So there you have it.

Congratulations Happy Tears Face!

We'd ask how you're feeling about the win, but we have a feeling we kinda already know...