So there's an app that automatically sends sweet texts to your girlfriend for you 9 years ago

So there's an app that automatically sends sweet texts to your girlfriend for you

Need to free up a bit more time for hanging around with the lads? Well then the folks at BroApp have you covered

Hanging with the lads, whether it be watching football, hitting the gym or playing video games, is a sacred time for any man, which should not be disturbed for any reason. However, there's always the intrusion of technology into our lives, and sending texts to his girlfriend for the whole night is an important part of being a sound lad and a good boyfriend. Now there's an app for that.


Factorial Products Ltd., a great bunch of lads from Australia have decided to create an application that will send sweet lovey-dovey texts to your other half for a time and date that you choose, as well as setting locations so that you're covered when you're in the gym, your mate Dave's or wherever you want.

You can set it so that it won't send automated texts while you're at your girlfriend's place (a wise addition), and according to what the guys behind BroApp told The Telegraph, it uses complex algorithms to figure out when the best time to send the messages would be, so if you've just called her or seen her in real life, then it won't send messages so as not to blow your cover. They've even got a girlfriend "lockdown" mode in case your lovely lady goes snooping on your phone, at which point she will be directed to a list of gifts you were "planning to buy her". Talk about thorough...

They also added that it's not just about getting time with your mates, it's supposed to remind you to do your boyfriendly duties, helps make sure that you stay in contact with your better half even if you might not be available at that exact moment, and also just so happens to free up some extra 'bro time'. BroApp is out on the Android store now for €1.49, but is not yet available on iOS, although they have promised that version is coming soon their website. You can follow them on Twitter for even more Bro news too.