Ticketmaster respond to Coldplay tickets tech issues 2 months ago

Ticketmaster respond to Coldplay tickets tech issues

The ticket company states their site has not crashed, despite numerous reports on social media of the contrary.

Earlier on Tuesday, several Coldplay fans took to social media to vent their frustrations around trying to buy tickets for the band's Ireland gigs. Many stated that they were dealing with the Ticketmaster site crashing, or being booted out of the queues entirely with no reason given.


Even following the announcement of a third date announced in Ireland for 2024, ticket buyers stated they were encountering tech issues, forcing them to restart the queuing process, at the bottom of a queue with around 100,000 people ahead of them.

A spokesperson for Ticketmaster reached out to JOE to clarify the situation:

"Everything is in working order, tickets are selling as normal and the site has not crashed. As per our advice on social media, fans should clear their cache/cookies and ensure they aren't using any VPN software on their device/WiFi. Alternatively, they can use a different browser/device or use mobile data instead of WiFi."

Of those who have made it through the queue, many were then left with only the most expensive ticketing options available.


At the time of writing, Coldplay have also announced additional dates for Athens, Budapest, Rome, Lyon, Bucharest and Helsinki this morning. Maybe fans will have better luck locating tickets elsewhere in Europe, considering the huge fanbase the band has here in Ireland.