Cpl Managing Director Lisa Holt on why a flexible work week is a no-brainer 7 months ago

Cpl Managing Director Lisa Holt on why a flexible work week is a no-brainer

"Money does matter, but actually, what matters is flexibility."

Is our working week allowing us to pay real attention to our responsibilities outside of the office?

This week on All In, Lisa Holt, Managing Director at Cpl Recruitment told us it's pretty much all about finding balance. Once employees are "learning, developing, growing and being challenged," productivity should rise. Everyone needs that sense of fulfilment in life and the key message is employers play a massive role in achieving this.

"I've one girl who's a single mum, she has a down syndrome teen and she was going to leave, so I said, 'no.' let's make this work. You can work from home. She comes into the office once a quarter, her performance has gone through the roof, she's happier."

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The idea of flexible working hours isn't just a trendy phenomenon brought about by a handful of tech companies for the sake of it, Lisa ensures us it's more about respect.

"Whenever I offer flexibility, I do it within fairly straightforward guidelines that are easy to follow and if they're not followed, it's taken back, because you've got to be able to deliver.

But all in all, flexibility is well worth it because as Lisa says, 'when people fret and worry, productivity drops.'

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