East Coast Bakehouse founder Alison Cowzer predicts big and sustainable changes in bottled goods 1 year ago

East Coast Bakehouse founder Alison Cowzer predicts big and sustainable changes in bottled goods

And we're pretty happy to hear these changes are beginning to happen.

Alison Cowzer, Marketing and Innovation Director at East Coast Bakehouse, knows a thing or two about sustainable business practices and is forever on the lookout for new ways for industries to improve.


Speaking alongside GIY's (Grow it Yourself) Michael Kelly on this week's episode of All In, the biscuit and business mastermind shared with us her own insight into sustainable practices that are emerging in the distribution of consumer goods, making a wholly big difference in reducing waste and cost.

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Referring to the 'concentrates area' like your household cleaning products and even carbonated drinks, Alison says:

"...shipping a full bottle of carbonated drinks or even bottled water from one end of the planet to another is completely daft, so there's a lot of work now, and we see it from brands coming through with concentrates that if you do want your flavoured water, squeeze it from a small little piece that takes up very little in terms of packaging, and absolutely, very little in terms of transport.

"We're seeing it on cleaning products as well where there are now sort of dispenser pumps that you essentially attach to a spray, so if you're talking about your Cif or whatever it is you clean your house with, it's now a concentrate that's delivered through a pump."

It goes to show just how much unnecessary waste is being produced the world over and in every kind of industry but simple ideas really do have a huge effect, so consumers, be sure to purchase from those who allow our planet to thrive.

On this week's All In, hear more about sustainability in business, the gift of giving back and it won't cost you a thing plus the death of Irish veg (unless we stop it).


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