JOE's Summer Workouts: A high intensity kettlebell circuit 10 years ago

JOE's Summer Workouts: A high intensity kettlebell circuit

JOE's series of summer workouts continues with this high intensity circuit with equipment, to make sure you're sweating it out in the gym


Last week, we featured a workout that would have you sweating even if you had no equipment, but if you happen to be in the gym and you want to up the intensity even further, then this week's circuit is the ticket for you.

Personal trainer Anthony Lynch of Raw Condition Gym in Dublin walks us through a great workout, which you can do at the end of a weights session, or as a routine in itself that will keep you in top shape.

As with the previous circuit workouts, you can choose to hit a certain number of reps for each exercise (keeping in mind that for many of the exercises you should aim for an even number so that you work both sides evenly), or you can set a time limit for each one and aim to get as many reps as possible in that time limit. Anthony also gives us a few tips on using correct form when on the kettle bells, but don't be afraid to ask an instructor to give you a hand if needs be.

You can check out the lads at Raw on Facebook to find out more about them, or follow them on Twitter for more great fitness tips and tricks.