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15th Nov 2022

WATCH: New game I Am Jesus Christ is here and… eh… yeah…

Rory Cashin

Fittingly, the game is released in December.

Over the years, there have been some games that have caused some major controversy.

Usually it is to do with explicit depictions of violence or sex, or glorifying criminal activities… y’know, the traditional stuff that video games get blamed on.

However, I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue looks set to cause a lot of controversy itself, and you can probably already tell why.

The game’s official synopsis will do a lot of the heavy lifting for us:

“Walk in the footsteps of Jesus in this incredible first-person retelling of the story of Christ from birth to resurrection. Perform amazing miracles, interact with a cast of biblical figures and travel around the Holy Land from Jerusalem to the Galilee. Become the Messiah in I Am Jesus Christ.”

The Prologue is a standalone game and introduction to the full I Am Jesus Christ game, which is due to arrive in mid-2023.

From the trailer released this week, it seems to be taking the topic entirely seriously, which seems to involve saving a wedding by turning water into wine, and saving the life of a sick young boy by – and we’re not kidding here – literally entering his bloodstream to cure his ailments.

The footage from the full game also shows gameplay of you walking on water to save a boat load of drowning seamen, and then fighting with Satan in what looks like the innards of a volcano.

Ned Flanders’ new favourite video game is almost here.

I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue will be released on PC on Thursday, 1 December. Merry Christmas, everyone?