Here’s how the world’s first beer is getting 'rebrewed' 3 years ago

Here’s how the world’s first beer is getting 'rebrewed'

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The history of beer laid bare.

This year sees the 140th anniversary of the Carlsberg Research Laboratory brewing the world's very first quality lager.

It's kind of a big deal because it was one of the most important advances in the history of beer science, changing the face of brewing forever.

Instead of patenting this unique system, the purified yeast was given away by the sound lads in Carlsberg to other brewers.

Fast forward to modern times and after a bit of spring cleaning, a rare bottle of beer from the 1800's, when that first lager beer was being brewed, was uncovered in an old cellar in the Carlsberg brewery. A sample was taken and live brewing yeast was isolated from the bottle.

The yeast had incredibly survived 133 years in the bottle and leading brewing experts have now managed to re-brew what is considered the daddy of most modern lager beers.

Recreating this original beer is a pretty mind-blowing feat from the brewers at Carlsberg who used science to get a sip of history.

Hey science, glad to see you finally pulling your weight.

Have a look at the video below and feel the history.