Make "No Bones" about it - this dog has taken over TikTok 1 year ago

Make "No Bones" about it - this dog has taken over TikTok

Will today be a "bones day"?

Superstitions give us a good idea of how we're going to view each day as they come. Some of us check our Co-Star app to see what the horoscopes have in store for us, and some wait for the weather forecast before they leave the house. But millions of people around the world have decided to put their fate in the hands of a 13-year-old pug from New York City.


Jonathan Graziano began filming his pet dog Noodle in September of last year, sharing his refusal to stand on days he was too tired. As he would fall over on his side, Graziano took to calling him "No Bones".

@jongrazHe excels at being dense #pug #dog #humor #sleepy♬ original sound - Jonathan

It wasn't until September of this year, however, that Noodle's forecasting abilities were truly embraced by Graziano and the TikTok community as a whole. If Noodles had a "bones day" (e.g. he could stand up), Graziano would share this as a sign of good luck and fortune, encouraging his followers to take risks like "buy that lottery ticket" and "file that divorce".


Conversely, on a "no bones day", TikTok users took it as a sign to avoid conflict, stay in bed, and to play it safe.

The videos have exploded in popularity across social media, with daily check-ins with Noodles reaching upwards of 11.4 million views, and Graziano's account reaching 2.4 million followers. This week, Noodles' own merch store has launched, with t-shirts, mugs, and masks letting people know whether or not today is a "bones day" or not.

@jongrazhope you all have the best Monday! ?? #nobones #bonesday #pug #noodletok #monday♬ original sound - Jonathan


Noodles joins a long line of psychic animals, most notably Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted 12 of 14 matches during the 2010 World Cup.