The world's most expensive car crash? 10 years ago

The world's most expensive car crash?

A blundering blonde managed to park her €285,000 Bentley Azure in between a Merc, Ferrari, an Aston and a Porsche outside the Monte Carlo casino. But she parked a tad close.


The posh blonde was cruising around Monaco with her three mates when God only knows what happened and she ploughed into the other motors. To add some salt to her already gaping gash (along the side of the car, you dirty person), the crash took place outside the plush ‘Place du Casino’ in front of hundreds of tourists.

The total cost of the five cars edges over the three quarters of a million mark, coming in at €780,000. The blonde’s bent Bentley did cost €285,000 when it was off the lot. We can’t imagine it’s worth that now.

The other cars involved included a white Mercedes S Class - €85,000, black Ferrari F430 - €160,000, Aston Martin Rapide - €160,000 and a Porsche Carrera Sport worth €90,000.

The blondes were then stuck in the crashed Bentley, as the door was so badly damaged it wouldn’t open. As for the other door, it was wedged nicely up against the Aston. The estimated cost of the damage is €45,000 but that could soar when the real ‘cost of the damage’ is revealed.


We really can’t imagine a worse place to crash your car. Can you?