WATCH: Teenager hilariously tries to use a rotary dial up phone, makes you feel ancient 2 years ago

WATCH: Teenager hilariously tries to use a rotary dial up phone, makes you feel ancient

This is gas...and a bit terrifying too.

Ah, the generational gap.


With news that Aertel is now closing, it's very likely that younger generations have no idea about the importance of pages 103, 180, 220, etc.

That's not a criticism, it's just the nature of the world.

While older generations still relied on Aertel/Teletext to get their news, the same people probably have no idea what Twitter even is. Each to their own.

Similarly, it's arguable that some grandparents have no idea what an app is, or how to use a smartphone but being older does have its benefits.


For example, your grandparents would probably have passed this very funny challenge that was presented to 17-year-old Marley Flandro when she recently appeared on Ellen.

Basically, the teenager was asked to use a rotary phone but things didn't go as smoothly as you might think.

Ok, here's some context. Ellen was making a point that the Internet has made certain things obsolete, like encyclopaedias, maps and phone books. Will she be proven right?

To begin with, Ellen presented Marley with a road map and asked the teenager if she knew what it was. She does.


Up next was a phone book, which Marley said that she'd seen before. However, the real shock was when it came to using a rotary phone.

Well, let's just say that it gave us a good laugh...and made us feel ancient too!

Being a good sport and someone that's more than happy to laugh at her lack of technological knowhow in front of a live audience, we're very happy to see that the teenager was awarded a 65-inch Roku TV for her efforts.

Any chance of giving her a rotary phone too?

Take a look (6:20 mark)