This giant car company are making a big change to all their brands and models 6 years ago

This giant car company are making a big change to all their brands and models

It's going to be electrifying.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Green Party asked every filling station in Ireland to install a charging point for electric cars and on Tuesday evening, BMW group made a big announcement on their range of electric cars also.

The group have announced that all its brands and model series are going to be electrified.

According to the Irish Independent, there will be a full-electric or plug-in hybrid drivetrain as well as the combustion engine option and this will feature on all their new cars.

This is not a new feature for BMW as they already have several models like this on the market already but the move will see all their brands being included which is a first.

The company has also said that additional electrified models will be hitting the market in the coming years with BMW claiming that after 2020, there will be fully-electric vehicles on the market.

The German car company are following in the footsteps of Volvo who said they would make five fully electric cars between 2019 and 2021.

Stephen Halpin who works at Murphy and Gunn BMW told JOE that: "I love this new approach from BMW. It's the future for the motor industry here in Ireland.

"The Government gives grants to all customers who buy hybrid at the moment and they are one of the best-performing cars here at Murphy and Gunn."

You can check out their range of hybrid cars here.