Don't want to pay your clamping fee? An Irish company will pay it for you 3 years ago

Don't want to pay your clamping fee? An Irish company will pay it for you

Getting clamped is an absolute nightmare.

Finding a parking spot in a busy area can be an enormous task. Doing the weekly shop for instance, the drive itself might only take ten minutes but it could take you double that to find a parking space.

Sometimes, lack of patience gets the better of us and although we hate ourselves for doing it, we'll abandon the car on the double yellow line or when we finally do get a parking space, we race to wherever we're going and forget to put a ticket on the car.

A disastrous move but a lot of us have been found guilty of doing this from time to time.

With the end of summer blues in full swing, Parkpnp is giving motorists the once-off chance to escape from clamping fees.

For the month of September, the Irish company will pay a parking fine every day for clamped drivers who sign up to their free service.

Drivers unlucky enough to feel the clampers’ wrath simply need to sign-up for Parkpnp and email a picture of their clamping ticket to to be in with a chance to recoup their parking fine in their daily draw.

Last year Dublin motorists alone were clamped a staggering 56,000 times causing heartache for drivers. Clamping fees can set consumers back between €80 - €120 depending on the location.

Speaking about the campaign Parkpnp CEO, Garret Flower said: “Getting clamped is a nightmare, we want to let motorists know there is a better way of parking.

"Why run the risk of getting clamped when you're only ever the tap of a button away from your perfect space with Parkpnp? We work with thousands of space-owners across Dublin to ensure the best spaces are available at great value prices."

You can find more information on the Parkpnp website.