Bad news for Irish motorists regarding the price of fuel 5 years ago

Bad news for Irish motorists regarding the price of fuel

Not what we want to hear on a Bank Holiday.

The price of fuel has gone up and the majority of motorists find themselves spending up to €125 on petrol or diesel per month according to a new survey by AA Car Insurance.


Over 5,000 motorists were surveyed and over half said that their typical monthly fuel spend was up to €125 and around 10% of motorists spend a staggering €250 on fuel costs per month.

The price of fuel has gone up in the past three months, a litre of petrol currently costs 134.9c, while diesel costs on average 123.4c per litre.

The survey also found that almost half of motorists drive less than 500km in an average month.

“Fuel costs, along with insurance prices, is one of the biggest issues faced by motorists in recent years and unfortunately neither of these issues were addressed in the recent budget,” Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated.


“Whenever we see fuel prices rise the person who takes the brunt of the blame tends to me the shop-owner, but in reality over 60% of what motorists pay at the pump is made up of government taxes including so called ‘emergency taxes’ introduced during the recession.

"Instead of making the long overdue decision to at least partially remove these emergency era taxes government retained the status-quo and, as a result, little has been done to help ease the cost of commuting to work for those who rely on a car.”

Is electric the way forward?

Well, earlier this year an AA survey found that while 30% of motorists were considering opting for an electric vehicle when they next change their car, 54.28% of those who stated they were unlikely to purchase an electric vehicle identified a lack of charging facilities as their main concern.