The law that Irish motorists don't even know they are breaking 6 years ago

The law that Irish motorists don't even know they are breaking

It's as dangerous as making a phone call while driving.

It's no secret, satellite navigation is an absolute life saver. If there is any doubt in your mind that you might be heading in the wrong direction or even if you know where you're going but you want to see how long it will take you, sat navs are a gift.


However, in recent years sat navs have taken a back seat in the car as mobile phones came to the forefront with the likes of the Google Maps app.

After all, what's the point in spending money on a brand new sat nav when there is one built into your smartphone?

Using your mobile phone while driving is illegal and something which has been clamped down in recent years in Ireland thanks to different types of campaigns.

It's illegal to text and it's illegal to make a phone call while driving.


However, what about checking your sat nav on your phone for directions while moving?

UK drivers are being warned that using a mobile phone to navigate in the car could lead to a ban and a £200 fine and it got us thinking about whether the same set of rules apply for Ireland.

According to the RSA, the law states:

"You can only use your mobile when you’re driving if you are phoning 999 or 112, or it is another type of
emergency. It is an offence to hold a mobile phone in your hand or support it with another part of your
body, for example between your head and shoulder, when you are driving.


"If the Gardaí charge you for this offence you will get a fixed charge notice of €60. If you pay the fixed charge you will get two penalty points. If you choose not to pay the fixed charge and are then convicted in court you will get four penalty points and a fine of up to €2,000."

It may seem harmless but even picking up your mobile to check your route for a second is just as dangerous as sending a text message.

If you need some directional help on your drive, make sure to set your destination before you turn on the ignition and if you're in any doubt or need to check up on it again, pull in to do so.