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05th Aug 2023

Gal Gadot describes filming ‘painful’ action scenes and how they led to an awkward interaction

Stephen Porzio


The Wonder Woman star joked that she “will pay the price gladly” so long as her audiences are entertained.

Gal Gadot has opened up to JOE about the pain that comes with filming action scenes ahead of the release of her new Netflix blockbuster Heart of Stone.

Gadot stars in the spy action movie alongside Jamie Dornan, with the Wonder Woman actress playing an international intelligence agent who must embark on a dangerous mission to protect a mysterious but powerful item known as ‘The Heart’.

In an interview with Gadot and her co-star Alia Bhatt (RRR) conducted before the current SAG-AFTRA strike, JOE’s entertainment editor Rory Cashin explained his theory that the more entertaining an action movie is, the more painful it was for the actors to make.

You can watch that interview with Gadot and the cast of Heart of Stone right here:

As such, he asked the pair if there was a particular set-piece or stunt in the movie that was the most difficult to shoot. In response, Gadot said:

“You know something? From one movie to the next, it feels like the bar just gets higher and higher and higher and the hardest thing for me in the movie was the physical aspect of everything.

“I had a few days where I was so bruised. I had massive bruises on my legs and on my back that I remember I went to the supermarket and someone looked at me funny and made a comment about it.”

Despite this, however, Gadot said she is happy to continue the intensive work so long as her audiences are entertained.

“It was very physical and painful at times and if that means that the audience enjoy it more, so be it. I will pay the price gladly,” she laughed.

Heart of Stone will be released on Netflix on 11 August.

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